Gas Lease Landowner Meeting 

Tioga County Landowner Meeting

Do you own oil and gas rights in Tioga County?

Unleased, partially unleased, is your lease due to expire or maybe you aren't sure? This meeting is for you!

Limited noncompetitive leasing continues in the county, low royalty % with deductions, long primary terms and poor lease terms are the result. This is the 2nd largest natural gas play in the world, join us to see what opportunities may be just around the corner. Landowners working together will achieve better results, get the terms you deserve and protect your rights into the future.

The Tioga County Landowner's Group is growing and accepting new members!

July 14, 2016 • 6:30 PM

Tioga County Fairgrounds

Jackie Root, Certified Mineral Manager and President of R&R Energy Consulting


Lester L. Greevy Jr, Attorney at Law

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