Meet our Partners

As a locally owned and operated energy consulting firm,we are totally focused on the issues and problems of Pennsylvania farmers and landowners managing oil and gas resources. 

Our staff are Certified Mineral Managers who know first-hand the processes, problems, and resources available in Pennsylvania and nationwide.

Jackie Root, the Gas Well Guru.

Jackie Root, the Gas Well Guru.

Jackie Root, The Gas Well Guru

Jackie, a Certified Mineral Manager,  is well known in Pennsylvania for taking the lead role in educating owners of gas and oil resources about their rights and options for managing these resources.  As a founding member of the National Association of Royalty Owners PA chapter, (NARO PA) and President of the Board of Directors, Jackie keeps tab on what is happening and can share valuable information with clients of R & R Consulting.  Jackie has worked with a number of land-owner groups to negotiate lease terms that are in the best interest of royalty rights owners.  



Katie, a Certified Mineral Manager as well, takes care of the daily business of managing royalty owners gas and oil resources.  Helping clients organize and manage with Record Keeping and Royalty Check Management excellence are her forte.  She has 12 years of experience in keeping track of what is happening with a client's checks, wells in production, and tracking down energy company contacts to solve client problems and negotiations.